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Hello and welcome to my portfolio! My name’s Suzannah and I’m an Illustrator, Graphic Designer & Photographer. I’m originally from Doncaster and I’m now based in East Yorkshire. I have just graduated from (BA) Digital Design at the University of Hull. I really enjoy being creative and throughout my years in further and higher education I have gained a wide range of skills such as illustration, graphic design, UI/UX design, photography, painting, 3D design, character design, animation and video editing just to name a few. I’ve learnt lots of software on the way, in particular the Adobe CC suite where I am proficient in Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, XD and Premier Pro, I’m also skilled in Procreate for creating digital illustrations and I am always willing to learn new software too! If you’d like to scroll down, or click on the sections at the top, you will find some examples of my work, which consists of both university projects and personal projects


I particularly enjoy creating illustrations, I am able to create anything from educational pieces to artwork. I have developed my own range of art styles, but I also love experimenting and I can most definitely adapt and illustrate to a predefined style if required.

Here are a few illustrations from Mushi and Elf Cap, one of my biggest and fondest projects for university. I was required to design and create a digital comic – mine is set in a world amongst woodland floor dwellers, focusing on the two main characters, Mushi and Elf Cap. It’s a slice-of-life style comic, based on their daily adventures. For this project, I was not only able to gain more experience in illustrating, but I was also able to practise and improve upon my storytelling skills which is something I found very enjoyable. 

♡ Click here to read more about Mushi and Elf Cap, and have a look at my design process ♡

Bertie Goes To Europe is a project done for university. I was to design a prototype for an educational children’s book, I chose to focus on the subject of European Geography. It is designed for younger children, and I tried to illustrate and design it in a way similar to an atlas with lots of maps – but whilst still keeping things simple and easy to understand.

Beary Adventures is a small illustration project I created. For this project, I wanted to improve upon my illustration skills and try out a different type of illustration style that would be suitable for children. I focused on a line drawing style of illustrating – using more simplistic shapes and using a pastel colour palette which would be appealing to young children. 

At university, I had the role of illustrator and graphic designer in a team where we were working on launching ‘The Potted Plant Company’ business. I was required to create the illustrations which were to be used throughout the website, advertisements and social media. I also used my illustrations to create these infographics which were to be used on social media. 

Shades of Autumn is a project where I created a series of illustrations, focusing on getting used to using the same colour palette to help give consistency in a series of work. This also enabled me to gain a better understanding in how to use shading and gradients when using a limited palette, to give the sense of more colours and to help add depth. 

Here are some examples of my line drawings. I often enjoy practising my drawing skills through line drawing as I feel that it helps me to gain an understanding of the basics, such as creating shape and achieving steady outlines. I also love how line drawings can be used in many different ways.

Graphic Design and UI/UX

Over the years, I have learnt so much about the fundamentals of good design – from colour schemes, to typography, to layout, to heirachy and I am able to apply this to all of my work. I have had the chance to create lots of graphic design work throughout university, including learning UI/UX design and how to create prototypes. I’m able to follow brand guidelines and come up with new, interesting ideas. 

Here are a couple examples of branding projects I have worked on. The branding board in the first slide shows what I created for a new bakery business who were requiring new branding. I created their logo, colour palette and also some potential mock-ups of branded packaging. I was also commissioned by South Cave Guitar Tuition to do a complete rebrand. I redesigned their logo, created some leaflets and business cards for print and created some social media graphics such as banners. 

One of my assignments for university was to redesign the university app, iHull. This was my first experience at UI/UX design and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Overall, I aimed to make the app more simplistic – including both the design and the layout with the aim that it would help to improve the user experience whilst still being informative. 

♡ Click here to try out my app, iHull ♡

In another project for university, I had to design an entire app prototype every week from scratch, with a seven day deadline. Using the required prompt of ‘Paper’ I created an app prototype called ‘MyReciept’. It is an app which eliminates the need for a paper receipt in shops or invoice in online orders. They will all be automatically saved onto your app, by linking to your payment method. 

♡ Click here to try out my app, MyReceipt ♡


Photography has been a part of my life for so long – from getting my first digital camera as a child, to studying it at A Level, and to working in a photography lab prior to university. Now, I enjoy taking photos mostly when I am wandering around and travelling. In particular, I find street and architectural photography really fascinating, although I am very flexible and willing to capture all types of photography.

For my major project at university, I researched into whether staged photography can have to same level of spontaneity as street photography. I took a range of staged photos that were taken in the street, with the help of a model. I also took a range of candid street photos and then edited and compiled the portfolio of photographs. 

♡ Click here to read more about my major project, including my research ♡

Here is a gallery showing some of my other photographic work. I have developed a personal photographic style, and particularly like the dark and moody look. I achieve this by paying lots of attention to the weather and lighting conditions when shooting, and also in my method of post-production editing. I have been sharing my photography to my Instagram page for over five years now, and have so far gained over 25,000 followers. 

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