Subject, Purpose & Audience

The subject I have chosen for my poster is travel and purpose would be to promote a country or city, possibly by an airline company. I think that I would like the target audience to be younger adults as these tend to travel more.

When researching various ideas for travel posters, I came across a few vintage travel posters that I liked: 

Image 1 is a poster by the airline company ‘Pan-Am’ advertising their flights to London. I like how this design is conceptual – initially the bus conductor looks like he is holding onto the ‘O’ in “London’ but this is also supposed to look like a handle on the bus.

The bus conductor is also standing on the stairs of an old London bus, I feel that this could also symbolise the flight of stairs leading up to the airplane.

Image 2 is a poster by “British Airways’ promoting Australia. I like how the white graphic shape that is over the photo looks almost like two countries being connected together by a path.

Finally, image 3 is a poster advertising the city of Paris, France. I like how the letter ‘I’ is replaced by the Eiffel Tower. This is a really simple but effective way of using conceptual visual design. 


Image 1 and 2:

Daily Mail (2015) A golden age for travel: The vintage airline posters that promised glamorous holidays to London, Hawaii and Haiti. Available online:

Image 3:

Amazon (2019) Retro Paris travel poster fridge magnet. Available online: