Theme 4: Teamwork

Collaborative apps are already quite popular in professional working and academic environments, but I thought I would create a prototype for a more casual one and decided to base it on a chalkboard where a group can all submit and write things onto it. This may be things such as: to do lists, shopping lists, cleaning rotas, ideas and maybe just silly messages and doodles. I thought that it would be good for different groups of people such as families, flatmates and groups of friends.

There will be one main admin group member who creates the chalkboard and then invites up to 10 other participants to join. The user will use mobile numbers to invite other users to the chalkboard. All group members will automatically be assigned a different colour chalk to write in. They will write on the board with their finger, as I thought this would give my app a creative look.

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All illustrations used on this prototype were designed by me

Theme 3: Chindogu

I did find it quite hard to come up with an idea for the theme of Chindogu, I understand the concept, but, at first I felt it was quite hard to come up with an app prototype idea for it. Eventually, I decided to come up with a basic novelty app, which is called ‘What time is it?’

The user has to go through a series of screens where, at first, they will think that the app will be about to tell them what time it is. However, it will actually always tell them the incorrect time, which is the ‘useless’ part of Chindogu. The ‘useful’ part of the app, and the basis of the joke, is that the app is technically correct twice a day.

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Theme 2: Paper

For the ‘Paper’ theme, I have created an app prototype called ‘MyReceipt’. It’s an app which aims to reduce paper wastage by creating digital versions of regular paper receipts and invoices that customers receive in retailers both in store and online. The user will be able to connect their payment cards to the app and whenever they make a purchase using that card, the digital receipt will automatically go onto the app and a paper receipt will not be printed at the till point (a paper invoice will also not be printed if doing an online transaction). The user will also still be able to use this new digital method even when paying by cash, instead a QR code will be shown on the till point in the retailer which the user will scan and the digital receipt again then will be sent to the app and archived. The idea for the app mainly came from wanting to help the environment more by reducing the paper waste, but it is also a good way for users to keep track of their spending and all receipts can be used in stores still when wanting to get items refunded too.

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The photo used in the prototype was taken and edited by me

Theme 1: Fragments

Here’s my app prototype for ‘Fragments’ which I created in Adobe XD. It is an app which sends a notification to the user’s phone at intervals throughout a set period reminding them to take a photo of something at that exact moment, this may be things such as what food they are eating or what view they can see – things and moments that are sometimes seen as quite mundane, but what actually make up a big part of our day. These photographic ‘Fragments’ of the users day would then be pieced together by the app and made into a collage at the end of the set period which the user will then be able to save to their phone or share to social media. My app is to encourage users to take more photos, and to create a visual diary of these little moments that sometimes we may forget about.

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