Organisational Skills

As outlined in our team project plan ‘our outcome was to create a multitude of materials relating to The Potted Plant Company.’ This included creating the branding, packaging designs, assets, website layout design, promotional material and a final website. Millie laid out all of our individual job roles and then stated the materials which each member would need to create.  

Our project plan which was created by Millie stating what work was required by each group member

Millie ensured everyone knew the work that they were expected to create and let everyone get on with the tasks at their own pace and didn’t keep pushing us, but was still available if we needed any help. I personally feel like this slightly more laid back approach is actually a really positive method as there seemed to be a good balance which I feel was really beneficial for everyone in the team so I feel hopefully no one felt too pressured, which can often cause conflict. 

However, this laid back approach isn’t to say that we were being complacent in regards to the organisation and planning. The planning that was in place was clear, concise and fair and what we were all required to do as individuals was outlined early on in the process. We always planned any group meetings in advance and made sure the times and days were suitable for us all. For the majority of our group meetings, everyone turned up and engaged which was great for our group dynamics. 

A production log was also kept by Millie throughout which mapped out what each group member had been doing each week. This was good for everyone to keep track not only on what and when they had done their tasks, but also to see where the other team members were. All of our work was also organised in a tidy way on our group Box file, we all had our own folders to share our work so that if the others needed those files, they would be able to find them easily.  

A screenshot of the production plan

For my personal organisational skills, I decided not to create a personal timetable or anything as I was confident enough in my personal time management to know that I would meet any deadlines. However, as I was also relying on other people and others were relying on me, I made sure to often try and get my jobs done before the deadlines.