Animation Part 1 References

Avnish Parker (2016) Smooth Text Animation in After Effects – After Effects Tutorial – Writing and Masking [Video]. Available online: [Accessed 23/02/20].

Ross Plaskow (2019) Animation Basics – Bouncing Ball (After Effects Tutorial) [Video]. Available online: [Accessed 2/3/2020].

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Walking Cycle

Here is my walking cycle animation:

Overall, I am quite pleased with the end results. I’ve never done any animating like this before so like with the previous tasks, I knew that this would be quite challenging, but with the help of a tutorial and with my knowledge of After Effects that I gained from the previous 3 tasks I managed to create the walking cycle.

To give the walking cycle a realistic appearance, I made sure that the arms moved in opposition to the legs and that the whole body moved up and down throughout.

Here’s a couple of screenshots I took during the process. The first image is where I created my basic character for the walking cycle using Adobe Illustrator. The second image is showing me altering the rotation of one of the legs:

Bouncing Ball

Here’s my animation of a bouncing ball:

I used Adobe After Effects to create it. As I am still very new to After Effects and animation in general, I did at first find it quite tricky to do, but with practice and some tutorials I managed to learn the method of creating the bouncing ball.

Overall I also managed to understand the concepts behind making it look as realistic as possible. For example the use of rotation (and adding a simple design so that the rotation of the ball is more visible) and altering the energy – changing the shape of the ball when it is at different points (by squashing and stretching).

Here’s a few screenshots that I took during the process:

The Dog and The Shadow

Here’s my five second animation of a scene from my storyboard of the Aesop’s Fable ‘The Dog and The Shadow’

The scene that I decided to animate was where the dog is walking along a piece of wood over a stream with a piece of meat in his mouth. He then spots another piece of meat in the stream and snaps at it, but that piece of meat was actually just a reflection. The dog drops the meat from his mouth and it is never seen again.

I decided to use a traditional (hand-drawn) animation method to create my animation. I felt like this would be the easiest way for me to make it, due to having never made an animation before. 

I used a graphics tablet and Adobe Illustrator to create the stills, I then used Adobe Premier Plus to piece together the animation. The graphics tablet was great in helping me get the hand-drawn style I was after. I also decided to not use too many colours in my animation, because I felt that this gave it a simple, minimalist appearance. Overall I am pleased with my first animation that I have made, despite it being quite basic.

Here’s a selection of screenshots I took during the process of creating my animation:

Here’s my original storyboard: