Leadership & Teamwork

At first, when I found out that this module was going to be a team project, I was quite apprehensive as group projects can often not go very well and many of us hadn’t even met each other before. This issue was brought up and discussed in some of our initial lectures, as many of my other colleagues felt this way too, which actually helped put my mind at ease. I then realised that being able to work within a team on projects is such an important skill that we need not only as designers but in general too which then encouraged me to make sure I would be a hard-working team member as ‘Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved’ (Stepanek, n.d.), this helped me realise that by bringing many creative people together, we would hopefully be able to create something really impressive.  

Once I found out what team I was in, I was really pleased as it was the project that I really wanted to work on, after watching all of the potential project presentations, I felt that I would be able to fit in best and contribute most to this team. 

In spite of the Covid pandemic, which meant that some of us hadn’t actually met in person before we still all managed to work well together throughout the project. Getting used to working with new people was really beneficial as it is very likely in the future we’ll be working with people we don’t know on other projects.

As a team, we all communicated well with each other on our Discord chat, and thankfully there wasn’t any conflicts. All team members were hard-working and good at helping each other and giving feedback if it was necessary. Everyone engaged well with our team meetings unless they had other commitments, and in these instances Millie would communicate with that individual about what needed doing that week. 

I think that the reason why we got on well as a team was probably helped by the fact that we all seemed to be really happy with our individual roles, the process of giving out the roles was done in a really fair way by the team leader who listened to what each members preferred roles would be. A large aspect to how this project went so smoothly was definitely down to the leadership which was really good. Millie suited the role of team leader very well, she was always very approachable if we had any questions or needed help and was good at organising us all. 


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