Individual Role

Once we had established which team we were going to be in, we all discussed our possible roles in our initial group meeting. Millie, the team leader asked us all what our strengths and preferred roles would be, this was also a great chance to break the ice initially and for us to get to know each other a bit better. After this meeting, Millie then came back to us with our confirmed roles. 

My role was to do the illustrations for ‘The Potted Plant Company’s’ website and promotional/social media material. I was really happy with my role because it meant that I would be doing things that I really enjoy and what I consider are my strengths within design. I was also hoping to be able to work on an illustration project as I felt that I needed to add more illustration work to my portfolio and gain more experience, as illustration is something that I hope to do in the future. I also wanted to be able to challenge myself as I hadn’t ever really focused on solely drawing plants before. 

I feel that the role suited my personal skills too, including how my role fits into working within a team. I am good at communicating with others which is crucial, especially in a team environment. I also feel that one of my strengths is how I am good at meeting deadlines and time management, I knew that I would need to take even more care with this aspect seen as though it is a team project and others will be relying on and waiting for me with certain things. I was to work with everyone else within the team, as most members would be using my assets within their work. I also mostly worked alongside Millie as she was also creating the promotional materials. 

I’m also good at accepting both positive and negative feedback on my work, as I know how important it is to accept any constructive criticism and have the ability to be able to adapt my work from this. Throughout the project, the feedback on my work was actually really positive which I think helps to show that this was the right role for me.