One of our first tasks when we were put into our team was to set up our communication channels. Due to the Covid pandemic, we were all aware that virtual communication would end up being our only option since we weren’t allowed to meet in person as a group. We first discussed what platform would be best for us all to use and we settled upon Discord because most of us had used it in previous team projects and found it to be an effective channel for team work as it is a really versatile platform.

Our Discord server had everything we needed to keep in contact with each other virtually throughout the entire project. We mainly used its text channel feature and had channels dedicated to specific aspects of our project such as a general one, which was good for messages, feedback and discussing ideas, we also had channels for organising meetings and 3D work.

We all had access to a voice channel on Discord which was great for having meetings, we were all able to organise when to have a meeting on it, where we would all join the voice channel at the set time and discuss ideas and explain where we were up to and what we needed to do. These meetings were done weekly at first but further on into the module when we all had a bigger workload, the meetings became less frequent. This wasn’t an issue though, as we still maintained contact with each other regularly through messages on Discord.

A screenshot showing our various Discord channels

As our project was entirely digital, we also needed a designated place for sharing files and resources with each other. We all decided upon Box where everyone had their own folders within our shared folder to put their work into which kept things organised and tidy.

A screenshot showing our folders on our shared Box which everyone had access to

Everyone seemed to engage well with all of our communication channels and were all supportive of each others work. I feel that good communication within a team is often a big factor in the success of a project, and due to Covid making every aspect of our project virtual, this meant that our digital communication channels would need to play an even bigger role than if we were to have meetings in person. I feel that a positive to our communication having to be digital is that due to everyone having different schedules it offers much better flexibility and as we had already been doing online university for almost a year, we were already used to having to communicate digitally and I feel this helped how effective communication was in our group.