Bob’s Atomic Pizza

I was asked in class to design a logo for a company called ‘Bob’s Atomic Pizza.’ Overall I found the process of designing it very interesting – it was great to see how my design developed along the journey. 

Initially, I only had the name of the company to work with so I experimented by writing the name in different styles and seeing what looked good, I also tried to incorporate things associated with the company into the name – for example changing the letter O’s into pizzas.

Next, I made a small graph using the words ‘Atomic’ and ‘Pizza’ as headers, I then listed any words I could think of that these were associated with and drew some symbols from these. 

I then used my symbol designs and my knowledge of conceptual design to come up with a logo that incorporates something from both words ‘Atomic’ and ‘Pizza.’

Here’s my final logo design. I have based the shape of it on atomic radiation warning signs, but have replaced the plain triangles which would normally be found on these with pizza slices that look like they have had a bite taken out of them. I feel like this is a really effective and interesting look. I also like how the use of the yellow and red in the pizza slices reflects well with the bright colours that would be found in the warning signs.