App Inspiration

Here’s my Pinterest board for UI/UX app designs inspiration:

I found Pinterest really helpful in gaining both inspiration and ideas for my app re-design. Here’s a few examples of some mood boards I’ve made using my favourite app design ideas:

When looking through the various app interfaces, I personally felt that the ones that seemed to work really well were the ones with quite a simple layout – I feel like this is because having less graphics/things to press onto and not using lots of overwhelming colours is both more visually appealing and user friendly. 

Here’s a couple of my favourite menu ideas for apps. I particularly like the side menu layouts, I feel like they look really professional and are easy to navigate for the user. I also feel like having an actual menu for the various app pages is better than having tiles or links cluttering up the home page. 


For my timetable layout for my iHull app, I had a look at some existing calendar and timetable app layouts. These were my favourite ones that I found, I particularly like the simplicity of them in regards to both the layout and colours used – I think that simplicity is very important when it comes to app pages that need to be quite organised and provide information for the user and this is something I’ll take into consideration when designing my iHull app prototype.