Summary of Project and Development Log

Project Summary

To summarise, my project involves a series of both street and staged photographs. I am trying to see whether staged photography can have the same level of liveness and spontaneity that street photography has.

My Findings

My whole project up until this point, from my initial proposal, to my development log has been done with a high research approach. I have researched thoroughly into the topics of street and staged photography, mobile phone photography, and black and white photography. I have also gone further and analysed the work of some street photographers even deeper, and looked more into ways to make my photographs have a sense of liveness. Overall, doing this amount of research has enabled me to gain a good understanding into my project. I am now ready to implement my findings into my practical work and hopefully will be able to capture a range of photographs which show this. 

My Photographs

Overall, I am going to capture all of my photos on a mobile phone and I will aim for all of my photographs to be black and white, have a high contrast appearance and have a slightly darker exposure, this will hopefully make them all look very cohesive as a collection of photographs.

The Definition of Street Photography

I would also like to mention two definitions of street photography – which are what I am going to be following throughout the capturing of my images. Quite simply, street photography is ‘a genre of photography that records everyday life in a public place’ (Britannica, n.d.). And to reiterate what my personal definition of street photography is, as mentioned in my proposal, ‘a photograph taken in the street of a singular moment in time (including a living thing)’. Overall, this is the guideline that I will be considering when taking both my street and staged photographs. I will most likely need to think about this definition more when capturing the staged photos compared to the candid photos. I will need to try and make the staged photos naturally seem like they are singular moments taken in the street, to really capture the feeling of liveness.


Britannica (n.d.) Street photography. Available online: [Accessed 06/05/22].

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