Additional Planning

Safety and Potential Problems

I would like to address some possible problems that I may encounter when capturing both the street and staged photos. I feel like any potential problems will most likely happen when I am capturing the candid street photographs. I will essentially be taking photographs of strangers and people may react unpredictably to me taking their photo if I were to be caught as some people don’t like having their photo taken, or some may wonder what I am doing. As stated, I am taking all of my photographs on my mobile phone as it should be a subtle and unobtrusive tool – I think that if I use a mobile phone many people won’t even notice I am capturing them on a photo. If, in the event that someone were to approach me I would have to use my initiative dependant on the situation and in the event that they were unhappy with me taking their image, I would have to delete it. Hopefully though, this instance will not happen as I am confident enough that I can judge the situation well and I will only be capturing a photo if I myself feel comfortable with the subjects, and as stated, I will be going about it in a very subtle way. Also, as stated in my earlier blogpost, I will be blurring the faces of anyone who ends up in my photographs who haven’t consented to their photo being taken so I can always explain this to someone if they were to ask. 

In terms of any problems that may arise with the staged photographs, my model is consenting to his photographs being taken, so that isn’t an issue and I won’t be blurring his face. Other members of the public may end up being captured in these staged photos, but that again fits into what I previously spoke about. We will just have to make sure everything is safe in terms of his equipment being out on the street, in terms of possible damage, or in the event of possible theft. To help prevent this from happening, we will make sure to take care handling the equipment and we will never be leaving anything unattended/won’t set up our scene anywhere where we feel at risk. 

Overall, when capturing the street and staged photographs, I will be considering general health and safety. This includes having good awareness of my surroundings, as I just stated earlier for the staged photographs, but I will also need to consider this when taking the street photos as I will be alone when taking these images which can be quite a vulnerable position to be in. I will ensure I feel comfortable in the locations I am capturing the photos and will use my initiative. 

Finally in terms of potential problems, I would like to mention a more personal problem that may arise. I personally already enjoy photography as a hobby, and I mainly like to shoot architectural street photography, where generally, I try to capture the least amount of people as possible in my work. I often get anxiety in social situations, particularly if there are lots of people, for example in busy streets. For this project, I will really be pushing myself due to it being centred on taking photos of people in the street. This is something that I really wanted to do though, to not only push myself out of my comfort zone to help me gain more confidence, but to also help to improve upon my skills as a photographer and branch out into other genres to help me become more creative. I will have to work on trying to not feel awkward or even embarrassed when taking peoples photos, which I often do. To combat any anxiety I may have, I will be taking photographs in locations that I know well and I will only take a photo if I feel comfortable in doing so, I will also be able to take breaks if needed. 

Weather/Lighting Conditions 

I am also going to be putting some consideration into the weather conditions when capturing my photographs. This isn’t because I am concerned by the weather, but more about the different types of lighting the weather gives. I personally like to take photos when it is quite cloudy/overcast as I find that this produces the best type of lighting. Ideally, I am going to try and aim to capture the photographs (in particular the staged photos which I already have more control over) in this type of weather condition.

However, obviously, the weather is very unpredictable and I have to acknowledge that I may not necessarily be able to sit and wait around for my ‘ideal’ type of weather and lighting conditions to take the photos in, as I may miss out on some interesting photographs. I am more than likely just going to have to adapt to the situation on the planned photography days.

If it were to be raining, I won’t be doing the staged photos, due to not wanting to damage any of my models musical equipment, but I do feel that rainy candid street photographs can be really beautiful, so I will definitely attempt to still capture some candid photos on these days.

If it were to be really sunny, this can help add to the high contrast look that I am going for but also sometimes photographs taken in this type of lighting has the tendency to turn out really over-exposed, to rectify this I would either try and find somewhere a bit more shaded, not shoot in very bright, harsh midday sun (which can often cause unflattering shadows) or alternatively, edit the exposure more in post-production editing. 

Costs Involved

Overall, my project won’t really involve any costs at all. I already have the phone which I will be capturing the photos with, and I also already own the back-up camera in case of any problems with the phone. The photo editing app, Photoshop Express that I will be using is free and already on my phone. I will also be using the regular desktop Photoshop to blur the faces, this I already have on my laptop. The only costing will be the petrol costs and parking at some of the locations which I will be covering. 


Due to the nature of my work mostly being very spontaneous, I won’t be able to make a really rigid and strict plan. Instead, I will be allocating potential photography days by looking at my schedule, and seeing when in the timescale I could possible go out and capture the photographs. On these days, I will also be considering the weather conditions as mentioned previously, although as stated, I don’t want this to be too much of an obstacle. I also need to consider that even if I do go out with the intention of capturing lots of photographs, on some days I may not necessarily see anything worthy of capturing, which is why I am going to try and allocate as many days and times as possible so that I can have as many opportunities as possible. 

The staged photographs require slightly more planning as I am going to be considering not only my, but also my models schedule so these will require slightly more planning, and the planned days for these will need to be stuck to better. 

Above shows my gantt chart that I have created so I have a timescale to go by

As seen on my Gantt chart above, my project is going to be split into two parts. Throughout April, I am aiming to do all of the photo capturing, and I am planning on editing the photos as I go along, as stated I can do this easily on my phone. The next stage which takes place in the first two weeks of May, is the final stage ready for the project deadline on the 17th May. During this time I will compile all of the final images and do any final touches which may include things like taking some more photos if I feel that I do not have enough. Hopefully, by sticking to this timescale as well as possible, I will be able to complete the project in a reasonable amount of time before the deadline. 

Here is a calendar I created where I have highlighted possible photo capturing days for April 2022

Finally, I created a calendar of April 2022 where I have highlighted possible days where I will be free to go out and capture photos. As seen on my calendar, the possible days for the street photography are highlighted in black, and the staged photos are highlighted in red. The red days are the days I have checked my model is free. Some of the days are split into morning and afternoon too, depending on my plans. Also, on the allocated staged photography days, I may be able to capture some candid street photography too, hence why some of the days are both colours. Overall, I may not end up going out photographing on all of the highlighted days, or I may end up adding in additional days and times when I find I have spare time, but this is just a vague guideline I will try to go by.

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