Location Planning

For the potential location ideas for my photographs, I will be focusing on places where I will be able to travel to easily and reasonably quickly. I am also going to focus on places which I have already spent a lot of time exploring so I will therefore know my way around and know the areas/streets with the best potential locations for my photographs. Overall, the three main places I will be taking my photographs will be Hull, Beverley and York. As I am based in South Cave in East Yorkshire, all of these places are within easy travelling distance to me. Hull and Beverley are both about a 20 minute drive away, and York is the furthest at 1 hour which I still feel is very reasonable and I frequently like to travel there for leisure anyway so this won’t be an issue. I also may end up going on some spontaneous days out/trips elsewhere but I always carry my phone around so will easily be able to capture any interesting sights. 

Here, I am going to highlight some potential streets and areas that I could take photos in, both what I feel will be suitable for both spontaneous and staged photos. They are all places I have visited previously, so I have selected them as I think they will have interesting back drops/are busy streets with potentially lots of interesting people to photograph. Here, I will also explain my reasoning for choosing each location more in depth. 


Overall, I feel that Hull city centre has some great backdrops due to the wide variety of architecture (both new and old) which should result in a variety of photographs. There are multiple areas of Hull city centre that I would like to focus on:

Fruit Market:

The Fruit market area is a very vibrant and creative part of Hull. Humber Street is the main street within the area which has been recently re-developed, many of the buildings are former warehouses from when the area was a fruit market due to the nearby dock but it now houses independent restaurants and shops but most have retained their warehouse style appearance giving way to some unique architecture. The marina is also here which is always full of boats, and there’s also the nearby Murdoch Connection pedestrian bridge which links the fruit market area to the old town. 

Queen Victoria Square:

Queen Victoria Square is a very central and busy part of Hull, where multiple streets meet. Many architecturally interesting buildings surround the square such as the City Hall, maritime museum, Feren’s art gallery and Princes Quay shopping centre. There is lots of seating areas, some fountains and a large statue of Queen Victoria atop a pedestal with stairs and benches surrounding it. Near to Queen Victoria Square, there is also Paragon Arcade, a Victorian shopping arcade which has beautiful architecture and often has people sat outside the cafes and walking down the archways. 

Central Outdoor Shopping Streets:

The central outdoor shopping streets of Hull may also be good options for photographs. They mainly consist of King Edward Street and Jameson Street, which are both busy thoroughfares with lots of shops, cafes and businesses. There is also a large mural of three ships where the two streets meet which may provide a good backdrop for example for a wide angle photo. 

Hull Old Town:

Finally I will explore the streets around Hull’s Old Town. There is some historic architecture around this area, such as Hull Minster and High Street. The High Street has even been a filming location recently for the film Enola Holmes 2, which is set in Victorian London. This shows how interesting the buildings here are, and how they will hopefully prove to be good locations for some of my photos. The Old Town is a quieter area of Hull, but still has lots of shops, cafes, pubs and museums so I may be able to capture something interesting here. 


Although Beverley is only a small town, it has some interesting parts and beautiful architecture which would be great photo settings. I’ve highlighted the main areas spanning from the North Bar to the Minster in the South. The street that links these two is the high street which is always quite thriving so there should be lots of photo opportunities here. There are also some interesting things along the street such as a bandstand. 


I find that York is always quite a busy city, so I will hopefully be able to find some interesting photo opportunities. I also really love old and interesting architecture which York is full of due to it being a medieval city so I will have lots of great potential backdrops for my photos. I’ve also spent lots of time exploring York over the years and know my way around it really well. Overall, I have highlighted many of the streets in central York, the majority being within the City Walls.


All location screenshots taken from Google Maps

Google (2022) Google Maps. Available online: https://www.google.com/maps [Accessed 06/03/22].

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