Clarifying the Aesthetic










Two of my photographs showing the overall aesthetic I would like to aim for.

Shown above are two photographs that I captured for my previous research proposal, they both are good examples of the sort of appearance I am aiming for my final photographs to have. Photo 1 is a spontaneous photo taken in the street of a man sat on a bench feeding some pigeons and Photo 2 is a staged photo of my partner stood in front of some artwork, I asked him to stand there and pretend to look at his phone, this image hopefully conveys a sense of liveness to someone who didn’t realise it was actually staged. I have edited both of these on my phone, and they both show how I would like my final images to appear. 

A summary of how I will be aiming for my final photographs to appear:

  • Black and White
  • High contrast
  • Slightly darker exposure

Early on in the project, I knew that I wanted my photos to have this sort of appearance. I was really inspired by the street photographers that I researched for in my proposal and how their photographs looked and wanted to create something similar. Many of the photographers had no choice but to shoot in black and white for example, because that was all that was available at the time, but I personally find black and white images in particular to be really captivating. 

I find that black and white photos in particular will be good for street photography as the high contrast within the photo will help to make things in the photograph to stand out well. If there is lots of colour within an image, I feel that things often get lost in the background, this wouldn’t be good for the spontaneous photos as potentially, there may be a lot of things to look at in the frame. For the staged photos, again, I want the subject to be prominent in the photo. 

In terms of the overall photographic portfolio, if all of the images are edited in a similar way, they will look cohesive and as a collection will work well together. I feel that this will really help when it comes to trying to make the staged photos blend in with the rest of the spontaneous street photography, hopefully this way the viewer won’t be able to tell which are staged and which are spontaneous, which is what I am aiming for. 

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