Capturing on a mobile phone

Overall, as stated in my proposal, I plan on capturing all of the photographs for my project on my mobile phone. This was for the following reasons: 

‘I would like to demonstrate how they can capture great images and how the photographer doesn’t necessarily need to rely on expensive equipment’

I feel that sometimes in the photography world, mobile phone photography may not be taken as seriously, and seen as something quite ‘amateur’. I want to show that mobile phones can take amazing photos, and that it is more about the actual photo than the tool used to capture it. I also believe that photography should be something that everyone can have access to and enjoy, no matter their background or wealth hence I will be using my iPhone which I already own and have been using for years. 

Mobile phones are the perfect tool when it comes to candid street photography 

They are very instant which means they are good at capturing spontaneous moments. Mobile phones are also very subtle – I feel like people will not find it as intimidating when I am taking photos on the phone compared to a DSLR camera which may draw more attention. I also always have my phone on me, meaning I shouldn’t miss any candid photo opportunities, even if I am not planning on taking any that specific day, I may see something interesting when going about my day-to-day life and need to capture it quickly. 

A mobile phone will be great for taking the staged photos

During the shooting of the staged photographs, I will be taking more time sorting out the scene and directing the model on what I would like them to do to make it look convincingly candid, compared to the spontaneous photos which don’t require this, meaning I don’t want the staged process to take any longer than necessary. Shooting on a phone will enable me to capture the image quickly meaning potentially more time for taking other photos. 

There is a wide variety of free mobile photo editing apps

I plan on editing all of my photographs on my phone. The speed and ease of use of these apps will help me to edit on the go if needed, which again will help when it comes to both the spontaneous and staged photography. For the staged photos, an additional advantage would be that I can always capture a photo and quickly edit it to see how the final image would look, and if I wasn’t happy with it, I can re-take the photo or do adjustments to the scene – for example asking the model to move to a different position, pose differently or perhaps I may want to take the photo from a different angle. 

The steps in the process should flow easily

The majority of the process will be done on my phone – the capturing, editing and uploading of the final images to my Box account. This should mean that each step of the process should flow well. After this, the only other device used will be my laptop for the final uploading of the photos to WordPress for the final portfolio. By keeping the overall number of steps in the process to a minimum, this should allow things run smoothly and quickly compared to having to rely on different devices and tools such as cameras/SD cards/a computer.

The overall ease of use

I should find the capturing and editing of photos straightforward. I’ve been using a mobile phone for many years now and also enjoy photography as a hobby, so I already take lots of photos on my phone. This means that I understand the interface and settings of both the camera app and phone really well. Here, (by taking a photo of some houseplants) I am going to outline how I will be taking the photos using the iPhone camera, and how quick and easy the process is:

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4









Step 1: Press the home button (the main button on the phone screen)

Step 2: Swipe the screen to the left (to open camera app)

Step 3: Press on the screen to adjust the exposure (the yellow box on the image has sliders to make it darker/lighter)

Step 4: Finally, press the shutter to take the photo (the photo is automatically saved into the photo gallery)

If this was the photographs for my final project, I would then go onto the editing app (I will be going more in depth on this process later on), and then finally I would upload the edited photograph file to Box. 

Possible problems 

Finally, I would like to acknowledge that there could also be potential issues that may arise from using a mobile phone for my work. As I am just relying on this one device, if anything was to go wrong like if the phone were to break or something went wrong with the camera lens, I would need to have a plan in place for capturing the photos on a different device. So therefore, if anything was to stop me from shooting on my phone, I will be using my DSLR camera instead but would be declaring this somewhere if it were to happen. This situation would obviously be a shame due to me specifying how much I would like to demonstrate how good photographs can be that are taken on a phone, but if this issue happened I still need a way to capture the photographs for my project. 

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