Analysing Photographers Work

First, I have decided to analyse some of the photographic work by three of my favourite photographers who I previously researched for my proposal. This will help me when deciding upon how I would like to edit my own photographs and to gain inspiration for possible composition ideas, both for my spontaneous and staged photographs. As outlined in my proposal, I will be focusing on black and white street photography in my final portfolio, so here I am going to analyse black and white work only.

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Henri Cartier-Bresson is one of the most influential street photographers of all time, and is definitely one of my big inspirations. I find his work to be very captivating and intriguing. Overall after looking at these three photographs, I noticed that Cartier-Bresson uses very high contrast in his work which I find very striking. I find this helps the focal point of the photographs to stand out even more. His photographs also seemed to have lots of movement within them, often resulting in motion blur but I feel this adds to the fact that street photography is of very fleeting moments. 

Robert Doisneau

Robert Doisneau is another photographer whose work I find very inspiring. Like Cartier-Bresson, he seems to utilise a very striking level of contrast within his photographs. I also like how Doisneau’s photographs are taken in very interesting locations and that you are able to often see a wide area of the background such as down the whole street. Doisneau often seems to photograph multiple people in one image too, which is quite interesting. I also noticed that his photographs are very intriguing – I find myself asking many questions about his photographs which I feel helps create a very memorable image. 

Daidō Moriyama

Moriyama’s work quickly became inspiring to me after doing my research proposal in trimester one. I find his work to almost be very intimate – capturing very candid moments in peoples lives. Overall after analysing his work more, like Cartier-Bresson and Doisneau, I find his photography to have very high contrast too. Moriyama also seems to use quite interesting backgrounds and angles for his photographs as well as showing movement well. 

Overall findings and implementing these:

In my final work I will be taking aspects from each of these photographers styles. Overall, I would like to have a high contrast look to my photographs, as all of these photographers achieve in theirs. I feel this is crucial when it comes to black and white photography as once you take away the colour, if the contrast is not right photographs can often look quite flat. I would like to try and show a sense of movement in some of my photographs, as seen in Cartier-Bresson and Moriyama’s work. I would also like to show some wide views of my locations, as in Doisneau’s work as I believe this makes the photograph very interesting to look at. 


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