Development Log Introduction

After completing my research into street and staged photography for my proposal, It is now time for me to apply everything I have learnt and begin the development stage of my project. 

One of the things that I will be focusing on during the development stage will be clarifying my photographic style ready for my final piece. This will be done through looking at some of the photographers from my proposal and deciding what aspects of their work I would like to take influence from, this may be through the composition or layout of the scene. I will also be refining my editing techniques by practising editing some photos, again, taking inspiration from the photographs I looked at in my research. I will also start thinking about possible location/setting/backdrop ideas for taking my photographs and therefore will be creating a list of some potential places, this will also hopefully help me to visualise possible photo ideas too. 

In my final portfolio, I will be including a mixture of street and staged photographs, the regular street photographs wont require as much planning, as they will be much more spontaneous, but, the staged ones will so I would like to look deeper into possible ways of making these photographs appear spontaneous and how to organise the capturing of these photos as they will require a willing model. 

Overall, I am hoping that the development stage of my project should help me to refine the look I would like to aim for within my photographs and help me plan out and generate ideas of possible photographs for my final piece. 

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