Story Structure and Development Considerations


Overall, my immersive design experience will be influenced by the Alice in Wonderland story but I want it to have a scarier edge, for this, I would like to incorporate a Halloween theme. I feel that having a spookier theme will work well within a VR environment to really immerse the user into the experience. As well as having an overall spooky aesthetic throughout my experience, I aim on creating lots of atmosphere within my prototype which will be achieved through sensory aspects. 

I decided to start my experience in a dark street, outside a spooky looking house on the night of Halloween. My experience will be the initial transportation stage of the going ‘down the rabbit hole’ concept. It will be viewed through the eyes of a trick or treater – they will knock on the door which will open and then they will enter and then be immersed into a room in the house that is decorated for Halloween. Here, the user will be able to look around the room and take in their new surroundings. Ghosts will appear around the room and the other halloween themed objects will be animated. Then, similar to the traditional Alice in Wonderland story, a ‘drink me’ or ‘eat me’ object will appear in the room. As the user won’t be able to fully interact with this due to my piece only being VR, I will most likely have them come up to the user’s face as if they are consuming it. Finally, the user will then enter into another room where pumpkins which will be carved with an unnervingly creepy face like the cheshire cat will keep lighting up all around the user and the experience will end where the user is falling into their new wonderland world. I am imagining that my experience would be the opening sequence of a game – a way of showing the journey that the character went on to get into the world that the game is set in. 

As I haven’t created any VR work before, I know that I will find this module quite challenging, but hopefully I will be able to create the narrative and experience that I am aiming for and will be able to completely immerse the user into the environment and take them on a journey.

A birds eye view/map of the scene 


As mentioned above, my production piece will have an Alice in Wonderland/Halloween theme. To help me before designing or sourcing my 3D assets, I decided to create an inspiration collage and a Pinterest board to help me get together ideas of how I would like the overall aesthetic of my piece to be. 

My Inspiration Collage I created to help me gather inspiration for the aesthetic I am aiming for

As seen in my inspiration collage, I would like to go for a colour scheme of black, white and red. I feel that these colours work really well for both the Alice in Wonderland theme and the Halloween theme. I also think that by sticking to a colour scheme, it will help my piece to be distinctive and consistent. I’d like to incorporate the harlequin style patterns and playing card suit patterns as seen in the background of my inspiration collage, these may work well as wall coverings inside the house. Overall, to add to the spooky atmosphere I would like my piece to be quite dark, this will enable me to utilise atmospheric lighting throughout my piece. 

My Pinterest board (Please click on ‘Dark Alice in Wonderland’ to view the board on Pinterest or click here)

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