Production Notes

Production Notes

Fall is a horror TV show which centres around a young couple. They are going on an autumnal walk into the woods until suddenly, the trees lose all of their leaves and it starts thundering and lightning. They decide to head back home but they realise that the once small woodland is now seemingly never-ending and they are trapped inside this strange place. They now have to figure out how to survive in the woodland and try and find a way out, but many scary obstacles will get in their way. The opening to Fall aims to show snippets of the main storyline and outline the main locations of the show using atmospheric shots to intrigue the viewer into watching more. 

Location Scouting

Ready for the filming of my project, I decided to do some additional planning on the location where I would be filming some of my footage. I already had an ideal location in mind at the start of this project as I had visited in the past and knew there were already multiple ready made shelters in there so that I wouldn’t have to create one myself. The location is a local woods which is within reasonable travelling distance for me. 

Photographs are my own

Map screenshots reference: 

Google (2021) Google Maps. Available online: [Accessed 9/11/21].

Tools to be used

My illustrations of the tools I will be using

As I will be physically filming my project, I will also need some physical tools to help me with this. I will first need a camera and a tripod to do the actual filming. I already own these since I have used them on previous projects and also as a hobby in my spare time. I will also need a laptop with access to the Adobe programs, After Effects and Premier Pro which I also have. Luckily I don’t need to buy any of this equipment or rent anything which would eat into the production and post production time. Instead, I should be able to do the filming when the time is right and then do the post production editing in my own time. 


No additional props will need to be used for my production piece. The majority of the piece will be focusing on natural, physical things such as the trees in the woods which already exist. Any additional things I may need will be added in post production editing. 

Health and Safety

As my piece will be filmed physically, I need to also take into consideration any health and safety aspects. I wont be filming any actors or other people in my piece so I don’t have to worry about this, and as I will be the only person involved I wont have to get anyone to fill in a consent form. The only risks that may pose a threat to me would be possible injuries when filming the scene, but I aim to control this risk by wearing suitable footwear on the day of filming and being careful with any equipment.

Assets to be created

My piece will have an ending scene where the title of the show will appear on screen. I will be creating a logo for ‘Fall’ for this scene by experimenting with various fonts and colours and seeing what would work best for the atmosphere that I would like in my overall piece. I may also include some illustrated 2D aspects to my piece such as some of the leaves that fall of the trees. I will most likely illustrate these using Procreate and then import them into After Effects. 

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