Summary of Practical Work

Summary of my objectives for next trimester:

♡ Create a plan for my project including a timescale and location ideas

♡ Begin taking photographs until I have a reasonable amount to choose from

♡ Start editing the best photos

♡ Compile the portfolio

For my major project practical work, I am planning on exploring both street photography and staged photography. I am going to take a series of candid street photographs and a series focusing on a musician where the photographs will be taken in the street and appear spontaneous even though they will actually be staged. The resulting portfolio will contain all of the images, which should hopefully look cohesive as I am aiming to edit them all into black and white. I have found this style of photographs to be the most striking when doing my research. I will also be using a mobile phone to take the photos as I would like to demonstrate how they can capture great images and how the photographer doesn’t necessarily need to rely on expensive equipment. Finally, I plan on exploring the differences in the two styles of photography in my portfolio and what kind of effect they may have. 

My project will be ongoing throughout the next semester. In terms of the timescale, it is currently quite vague, especially due to the candid nature of street photography. First, I will set out to do some planning. The staged photos are going to require more of this than the street photography photos. I will need to list a series of possible locations to take the staged photos. In terms of when I will be taking them, this will revolve around the availability of my model. I will also be taking the weather conditions into consideration as this has a big impact on the lighting. The street photography photographs are going to be spontaneous so I won’t be able to plan how to take each photograph. I am going to try and take these photos when I am already out and about doing things. However, I will still be doing some planning for these, such as taking into account interesting locations and weather/lighting conditions. Next, I will spend a large amount of time taking and compiling a selection of photographs. I will then narrow these down into what I feel are the best ones and spend the rest of the time editing them and compiling them all into my portfolio.

Hopefully, I won’t run into any problems when doing the practical work as I have done lots of photography work in the past. I feel confident enough that I’ll be able to do this project well. The only thing I am concerned about is the possibility of problems when taking photos of people encountered in the street. I’ve already done some research into this and I will be making sure to take the photos in an acceptable manner and I will have to be respectful if anyone wanted me to delete their image. In my final photographs, I will be blurring any faces of people that haven’t consented to protect their identities.

Here are a few examples that I have taken to show the style of photographs that I hope to achieve in my final portfolio. Photograph 1 shows a staged photo that I have taken that appears spontaneous. The only difference is that my final images will be focusing on a musician. Photographs 2 and 3 are candid and match up with my street photography definition of ‘a photograph taken in the street of a singular moment in time’. And even though photograph 3 doesn’t include a human, there is a flock of birds flying and previously in my street photography research post, when defining street photography, I stated that having any living thing within street photography would be acceptable. Overall, they also show the black and white high contrast aesthetic that I will be aiming for and they were all taken on a mobile phone.

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