Team Project




The Potted Plant Company logo
The Grow Your Own Kit logo










Some additional logos for the plant information pages
Front view of The Grow Your Own Kit Packaging (3D model was created by Jake and the design was done by Ellis)
Side view of The Grow Your Own Kit Packaging




Layout templates for the plant information pages                   The front cover design for the information booklet
Some plant graphics for the information booklets





More work will be added at a later date due to an assignment extension.



My plant illustrations to be used throughout the project

The plant information pages
Social media post showing how to propagate a cactus
Social media post showing how to propagate a houseplant
Social media post showing what’s inside The Grow Your Own Kit




A collection of all the animated social media promotional adverts

Promotional advert for online advertising

3D renders of the plant pots for the website
3D renders of the scenes to be shown on the website



The home page of our website
The shop page
The individual product page


Overall I am really pleased with the outcome of our project, The Potted Plant Company. I feel that it is a very relevant business idea, since ‘houseplants have enjoyed a massive boom in popularity, especially with Millennials and Gen Z’ (Houseplant Resource Centre, n.d.). However, due to this popularity, we needed to ensure that our project would stand out from the market and I feel that we managed to do this through the assets and design work that we have produced. 

I really like how throughout the whole project, the brand consistency in our designs has been a fundamental factor for all members. We have taken into account factors such as ‘presenting the brand logo in a similar way, and repeating the same colors throughout [our] visual brand elements’ (Merlin One, n.d.). which I feel we have all certainly achieved throughout our assets and designs. This is really important as we all hoped that our business idea would stand out and how ‘over time, these elements become ingrained in the minds of consumers, and they’re more likely to remember your brand’ (Merlin One, n.d.).

We decided upon a fairly simple but effective colour scheme which we tried to relate to plants by mostly using shades of green, brown and grey. This was given a more modern edge to appeal to our younger target audience by incorporating lilac and pastel pink throughout the brand and assets, this helped to add a hint of colour amongst the more earthy shades. 

Another way in which we have tried to help our brand have a clear identity is our use of repeated geometric and zig-zag patterns throughout our work, this style pattern is very relevant and popular so will appeal to our audience. The geometric shapes are used in the plant pot illustrations, the 3D plant pots and the angles of the coloured panels in the animated adverts. The zig-zag pattern is used in the ‘Grow Your Own’ packaging, on the plant pot illustrations and on the front page of the plant information booklets. Again, this repeated use of pattern helps to create familiarity and keeps things very consistent for our brand. 

I feel that our project would stand out from the market if we were to go ahead and do it. There aren’t really many companies offering anything exactly like this, in particular our ‘Grow Your Own Kit’ which is really unique in that it offers the customer everything they’ll need to grow a plant themselves from scratch, as opposed to buying a plant that’s already been grown which is what a lot of companies do. Another example into how our designs are unique is the packaging for the kit which was designed to look like a greenhouse, even complete with transparent windows which I thought was really conceptual and creative. 

All of the assets have been designed very thoughtfully, and hopefully it is all presented to a good standard in the time allowed and despite the fact that some members have not completed all of their work due to module extensions, I still feel that the work that has been done is still substantial enough to give good insight into our brand. 

We have all tried to gain feedback on our work throughout the project, this has been done through asking for the other team members opinions and in class critique which helped us to the adapt our designs and therefore improve upon our work. I feel like this has been good practise for future projects.  


Houseplant Resource Centre (n.d.) Why Millennials are leading the houseplant trend. Available online: [Accessed 11/05/21].

Merlin One (n.d.) What is brand consistency (and why does it matter)? Available Online:,help%20to%20solidify%20brand%20recognition. [Accessed 11/05/21]. 

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