At first, I was quite apprehensive when finding out that this module would be done in a team, as group projects can often not go according to plan and have problems, however,  I did understand that being able to work within a team on projects is such an important skill that we need as designers and I do feel that I have definitely built upon my team working skills within this project.

I was also concerned that due to the Covid pandemic that this would be another obstacle in our project. As some of us hadn’t actually met in real life before, I thought that this could even cause conflicts but luckily it didn’t. I feel that having to do our project entirely remotely and digitally helped me learn valuable skills including how to communicate well using this method and how to get my work done this way within a team. This was all good practise as I feel that it reflects how digital design projects will most likely be run in the future, which has helped me gain valuable skills.  

I also think that this project has enabled me to build upon my existing illustration and graphic design skills, which was what I was really hoping for in this project. I’ve done lots of illustrating before, but here I was drawing something new and in a different style which has definitely helped me to challenge myself which is a definite positive. 

Overall, I feel that this project has gone well. I am really glad that I was able to work on this project, and that I had the chance to do more illustration work. I feel that this project has hopefully given me an insight into how design projects are run for my future career, and has enabled me to build upon many different types of skills.  

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