Principles of Animation

I tried to incorporate some of the principles of animation within my animations. Some, are used throughout every animation but some I haven’t really used at all as they weren’t necessary. Here, I’ll explain some of the ways I have/haven’t used the principles within my animations. 

Squash and stretch I didn’t really use this principle in any of my animations, because I didn’t really include anything in the animations that would be able to do this type of movement. Squash and stretch could maybe have been used in my characters face, but her face doesn’t really show lots of expression to have the need to do squash and stretch. 

Anticipation   Again, I felt that I didn’t really need to use this principle too much within any of my animations. She doesn’t move in that much of an exaggerated way to warrant having to use anticipation, compared to it she were doing a bigger moment such as throwing something. Animation 2 may show this slightly in that her swaying is continuous as it is looped, but the way her body moves in a fluid sort of way helps to show more anticipation in her movement. 

Staging I feel that all of my animations have a very obvious staging principle to them, particularly in animations 1 and 2 which only feature Lola in the scene on a simple starry floor. The main focus is quite obvious in these animations. And I tried to make sure the camera perspective also helped to add to the staging in my animations. 

Straight Ahead/Pose to Pose For all the animations, I used to pose to pose principle when creating them because I first created the starting and end frames for the motions, I then did a some key frames in between these. I felt that this method is much easier in Maya as I only really had to key frame a few poses and the in between frames are mostly all done for me, and then altered slightly afterwards in the graph editor.

Follow Through/Overlapping This principle has been used throughout my animations. Animation 1 features lots of overlapping because it is a walk cycle, the arms and legs move in opposition to each other, and the head and body also goes up and down. I attempted to use follow through action in animations 2 and 3, although this is probably very subtle as her movements in these aren’t very exaggerated. 

Slow In/Slow Out I don’t think that I really used this principle, this is mainly because all of my animations are looped I can’t really show what is happening before/after the movements this way unfortunately. 

Arcs Arcs are used frequently in my animations, I felt that this principle was really important  to include as arcs are great at creating natural movements, and as humans naturally move in arc shapes, this supports my character design well. Animation 1 uses arcs when you look at the shape both her arms and legs make as she is walking. Animations 2 and 3 use arcs in the movement of her arms/body/head. 

Secondary Action I have incorporated secondary actions in all of my animations. This is mainly in addition to her body movements, she also moves her eyes and blinks. Using the secondary actions again really helps the animation to look more natural and realistic. 

Timing I tried to ensure the timing of my characters movement was realistic throughout all of my animations, but as my animations were all looped this was quite hard to show. Instead, I had to consider how long to actually show the movements and this was done through knowing where to place the frames.

Exaggeration I didn’t use this principle in my animations, because I didn’t really think that I needed to for what was happening in my animations. I don’t think that the movements really needed to be exaggerated that much. 

Solid Drawing This principle wasn’t really used since all of my animations were done on a computer and I had already created my character in 3D. 

Appeal In general, I feel that my character has appeal which stems from her design. I feel like the animations also all have appeal in them in that her movements are all done in quite a cute and childlike way.

Overall, I am pleased with the principles of animation that I have used and I feel that they are all appropriate to my characters design. 

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