Overcoming Issues/Reflection

Overall, I did find this module quite interesting but also very challenging. I seemed to encounter quite a lot of problems. The worst part was probably during the character rigging process – I managed to almost complete the rigging process which was really time consuming but then I soon realised that there were many problems with my character mesh and it wouldn’t go right even when I tried to rectify the problems in various ways. After exploring many options to try and sort out why the mesh wasn’t moving correctly, I decided to go back to my original character model and re-did parts of the mesh and tried to simplify it. I then ended up re-doing the entire rigging process and because of this, I ended up spending much longer on this part than I was expecting. Luckily, I was quite organised with my time management and I wasn’t in a last minute rush to get it done. 

After the rigging seemed to be working correctly, I then started on my animations. I had already researched into some possible cycles and planned out some general ideas of what I could do. As I knew that this assignment would be very challenging for me because I am a complete beginner in 3D animation, I made sure that my animations were more simple. There are some points in the animations where the mesh still doesn’t look and move right but overall, I am pleased with how they have turned out. I have learnt lots of skills throughout this assignment and most importantly, I know how crucial it is to have a character mesh with good topology before rigging and animating it. 

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