Theme 4: Teamwork

Collaborative apps are already quite popular in professional working and academic environments, but I thought I would create a prototype for a more casual one and decided to base it on a chalkboard where a group can all submit and write things onto it. This may be things such as: to do lists, shopping lists, cleaning rotas, ideas and maybe just silly messages and doodles. I thought that it would be good for different groups of people such as families, flatmates and groups of friends.

There will be one main admin group member who creates the chalkboard and then invites up to 10 other participants to join. The user will use mobile numbers to invite other users to the chalkboard. All group members will automatically be assigned a different colour chalk to write in. They will write on the board with their finger, as I thought this would give my app a creative look.

♡ XD Link ♡

All illustrations used on this prototype were designed by me

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