Theme 2: Paper

For the ‘Paper’ theme, I have created an app prototype called ‘MyReceipt’. It’s an app which aims to reduce paper wastage by creating digital versions of regular paper receipts and invoices that customers receive in retailers both in store and online. The user will be able to connect their payment cards to the app and whenever they make a purchase using that card, the digital receipt will automatically go onto the app and a paper receipt will not be printed at the till point (a paper invoice will also not be printed if doing an online transaction). The user will also still be able to use this new digital method even when paying by cash, instead a QR code will be shown on the till point in the retailer which the user will scan and the digital receipt again then will be sent to the app and archived. The idea for the app mainly came from wanting to help the environment more by reducing the paper waste, but it is also a good way for users to keep track of their spending and all receipts can be used in stores still when wanting to get items refunded too.

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The photo used in the prototype was taken and edited by me

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