Character Rigging Part 1

Here’s some screenshots that I took when doing the first part of the character rigging labs. I found it okay once I got my head around the process more, and I felt that the hands were definitely the trickiest parts to add the joints to (fig 1), however, my character doesn’t have hands that are as realistic as the ones used here, so hopefully this part will end up being a bit simpler for me. I also found that altering the axis for the joint orientation was a bit annoying and sometimes tricky to do, but I do now understand that it is an important step in ensuring the character actually moves correctly when developing it further.

Fig 2 shows the character after I had done the ‘skinning’ I had a go at moving the joints around and they seemed to work okay, but it will need some more work until it is ready to animate properly through doing the weight painting.

fig 1

fig 2

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