Comparison of Small Multiples

Tufte’s small multiples theory will also be utilised within the design of my book. It is where any information presented to the audience is done with clarity and simplicity. This theory is very important for me to consider because my book is aimed at children.

Fig 1 shows my page layout plan, where I will present the information about each country. I have chosen a simplistic layout which will show all of the relevant information in a clear, small space. Every country will have this same layout so that the viewer becomes familiar with it every time they turn the page and see the new information. 

Fig 2 is of a more detailed plan of one of the graphics that will be shown on the left page. It depicts the countries flag along with their capital city, language and currency. I arranged these pieces of information together in small, equal sized sections, this ‘constancy of design puts the emphasis on changes in data, not changes in data frames’ (Tufte, 1990) hopefully educating the reader of the book. This section also utilises different colours to label the information in order to help the information become easier to understand.

fig 1 – my page layout plan showing the various sections

fig 2 – an plan of an infographic that will be shown on each page showing the countries information


Tufte, E. (1990) Envisioning information. Cheshire: Graphics Press USA.

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