Narrative over a specific time within a specific space

Fig 1 shows an uncoloured illustration which will be the books front cover, which features the character of Bertie the Bee flying over Europe. The inclusion of the motion line drawn behind Bertie the Bee shows his flight path. This demonstrates Tufte’s specific time and space theory as it visually indicates that time has lapsed.

Another aspect how my book will show Tufte’s narrative over a specific time within a specific space theory would be how my chosen media is a book, specifically about travel. It is my intention that the viewer will feel like they are being taken on a journey when they read it and turn each page eager to find out information about each new place and see interesting illustrations of them. This might hopefully inspire them to physically visit the places as well in the future. I feel this can be summarised well by a quote for the children’s author and illustrator, Dr Seuss: ‘The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go’ (Goodreads, n.d.). The page numbers in a book are also a good indicator that time has lapsed, which I will ensure to include as well. 

fig 1 – Front cover graphic


Goodreads (n.d.) Dr Suess quotes. Available online: [Accessed 08/12/2020].

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