Tufte’s micro macrocosm theory is a concept wherein all of his previous theories create a new layer of meaning to the audience. All of the ‘micro’ aspects of his other principles, the individual graphics and illustrations that I covered in my previous blogs, have combined together to create a ‘macro’ meaning. In my case, the illustrations and other graphics come together to create a children’s travel book teaching basic facts on European countries titled ‘Bertie goes to Europe’. 

Tufte advocated strongly for the use of clarity when presenting information. I’ve tried to do this as much as possible in my book, especially regarding the fact that the target audience is young children. I have tried to keep every aspect of the book, from the art style in the illustrations to the information being presented in the graphics, as simple as possible to make it easy to understand. 

To conclude, my final piece also has a layer of meaning that goes beyond it just being a single book. Hopefully, it will help the audience in the long term by not only by educating them but also inspiring them to travel in the future. I also like to imagine that my book could be part of a series wherein Bertie visits other countries in different continents, and broaden the audiences horizons even further.  

Here I’ve presented the book covers and pages as a double page spread layout, as they would appear if it was made into a book. They are also clickable if you wish to view them bigger. 



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