Layering and Separation

Tufte’s layering and separation theory will be also used throughout my book. It will mainly be utilised in the map graphics, which will be featured on each countries page within my book in order to illustrate where that particular country is located (as seen in fig 1). 

Information is best presented when the individual layers are very distinct. In fig 1, Germany is the featured country and therefore the most important layer on the graphic. I needed to make it stand out more against the other European countries to ensure the viewer would clearly understand where it is, whilst still enabling the viewer to look through the main layer and still comprehend the background information. 

I started by sketching the other countries in a much lighter shade so that they appear more faded. I then focused on making Germany stand out by outlining the border in a thicker line, colouring it in and writing the name in a bolder text. I will be adding colour to this graphic for the finished book, but it will still be following the same principles. Hopefully, it will help the viewer to clearly understand where the specific countries are located.

fig 1 – Map of Europe showing where Germany is located

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