Creative Campaign References

All of the graphics for my book were created by myself using procreate, a tablet and a graphics pen. Here I have compiled a reference list which includes image sources which I looked at to help me create the graphics and illustrations and also some references showing where I found out the information about the countries. 

Flags references: Worldometer (n.d.) Flags of the world. Available online: [Accessed 05/12/20].

Maps references: Google (2020) Google maps. Available online: [Accessed 05/12/20].

UK Fact: London Gov (n.d.) How many Londoners do your tube journey everyday? Available online: [Accessed 06/01/21].

London Eye: Ellis, D (2017) London eye tickets and opening hours everything you need to know about the biggest ferris wheel in europe. Available online: [Accessed 05/12/20].

Bus: London Bus Museum (n.d.) 1959 AEC Routemaster bus – RM140. Available online: [Accessed 05/12/20].

Underground sign: The National Gallery (n.d.) London underground logo – magnetic bottle opener. Available online: [Accessed 05/12/20].

The Netherlands fact: (n.d.) Functions of windmills in Holland. Available online: [Accessed 06/01/21].

The Netherlands image: Oxford Mail (2018) Chance to buy your own 18th century windmill. Available online: [Accessed 07/12/20].

Germany Fact: Lepores, D (2017) 13 Berlin fun facts you never knew. Available online: [Accessed 06/01/21].

Germany Image: Lepores, D (2017) 13 Berlin fun facts you never knew. Available online: [Accessed 03/01/21].

Italy fact: National Geographic Kids (n.d.) 10 facts about the colosseum. Available online: [Accessed 06/01/20].

Italy Image: Brittanica (n.d.) Colosseum. Available online: [Accessed 19/12/20].

Spain fact: Culture Trip (n.d.) La Sagrada Familia: 15 amazing facts you need to know. Available online: [Accessed 06/01/21].

Spain Image: Discover more Spain (n.d.) Get inspired at La Sagrada Familia, the towering temple of Spain. Available online: [Accessed 20/12/20].

France fact: Lampkin, B (2017) 15 monumental facts about the Eiffel Tower. Available online: [Accessed 06/01/21].

France Image: Lonely Planet (2016) Eiffel tower to light up in the colours of the team with most social media activity during Euro 2016. Available online: [Accessed 28/12/20].

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