Screenshots – clothing and accessories design

To create the top part of Lolas dress, I first selected the relevant faces on the top part of her body and duplicated them. I then extruded them slightly so they were slightly raised off her body. I then added a lambert texture and selected a colour that matched well with the one from my original design.

Next, I created the skirt part of her dress. To do this, I selected the bottom edge from the top section which I had just created, I then extruded this down her legs and then altered the edges so they didn’t flare out as much.

To create her striped tights, I did this same method again of duplicating and extruding the faces on her legs. I then alternated with adding the purple and black textures to create the stripes effect.

Next, I created her shoes. Again, I duplicated the feet faces and then extruded them to make them bigger. To make the shape of them look more like shoes, I altered some of the vertexes around. I then added a blinn texture which gave a nice shine that I was after. I then added an off black shade to them. 

i then began creating her witches hat. i inserted a polygon cone shape and then scaled it taller. i added some more edges which then enabled me to then alter the rotation of the edges which made it a better shape at the top.

Once the top part of the hat was done, i deleted the bottom face and then extruded this new edge which created the brim of her hat. I then extruded the bottom section to make it thicker. I then used the same method I used to create her tights and created a striped texture on the hat.

I then resized and positioned the hat to fit her head well. I then decided to add a small purple heart decoration onto, I made this by altering the vertices on a basic polygon cube and then smoothed it.

I then made some buttons to add onto the dress from a polygon cylinder.

Finally, I made her collar by extruding the edge of the dress out. I then shaped it by moving the vertices around, and then smoothing it off to give the correct shape I was looking for. 

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