Screenshots – body and face construction

Here are some screenshots that I took during the process of creating my 3D character. I created her using Maya, this was mainly due to the fact that I already had some basic prior knowledge and experience of the software from year 1, and I felt that it would be better to create my character using something I am more familiar with.

My first task in creating my 3D character was to draw my characters basic body shape in a 2D form, I did this using procreate. I drew her from both the front and side directions in a T-Pose and then inserted this into Maya as an image plane. I feel that having a guideline to reference when creating my character was really helpful in ensuring I got the desired shape right, as opposed to if I just created it by eye.

Next I inserted a basic polygon cube and added more dimensions, I then moved it to match up with my image plane, and then moved the vertices to match up with the image as much as possible.

Here I extruded some selected faces to create the legs, I then angled these better and made them more tapered at the bottom by altering the scale.

I then extruded some side faces to create the arms and then, using the same method of moving the vertices, on both the side and front views I tried to make them a better shape. I also realised then that my image plane wasn’t as symmetrical as I would have liked, but this was okay as I had the symmetry setting on my object anyway which would make each side equal, so I mostly just focused on making the right hand side match up with my image plane. I also created the thumbs using this method of extruding faces.

Next I went back to the legs and again, using the extrude tool, created some basic foot shapes. I also altered the axis rotation on these to make sure they would stand flat on the floor.

I then smoothed the entire body which made it start to look much less blocky, and I spent some more time altering the vertices.

To then make what would be the neck, I added in some more edges around the area where it was going to be and deleted the faces that this created. I then extruded this new edge up ready to attach the head later on.

Here I am positioning the head ready to start sculpting it into a better shape.

Using the same method as what I used to create the body, I altered the vertices to match up with my image plane on both the front and side views.

I then smoothed the head, and attached it to the neck that I had already made by merging the vertices together.

I then focused on creating the various features of the face. Here I am creating the nose and eye sockets. For these, I just spent lots of time altering the various vertices by looking at the different perspectives and moving them. By this point, I turned off my image plane as I didn’t really add any detail regarding the facial features on this, and instead I just tried to create the features by sight and by looking at my initial 2D drawings of my characters face and trying to imaging how it would look 3D.

I then created the eye balls just by using a basic sphere polygon and inserted these into the sockets I had made, ensuring they were in the correct position.

Next, I attempted to create the hair for my character. I decided to use polygons instead of nhair to do this, this was mainly because I felt like this look would suit my stylised character better than using more realistic hair. To make the ‘strands’ of hair, I first created a curve that I placed onto the side of the head, I then created a polygon shape and altered and scaled the size of it until it was thin enough, I then attached this to the curve. Then, I kept duplicating these ‘strands’ and positioning them around the head.

I attempted to create some lips using the mesh that was already a part of the face, but it didn’t seem to look right so I decided to create some lips shapes from a polygon cube. I then smoothed these out and placed them onto my character. I then altered them slightly using the vertexes again to make the lips seem slightly more smiley.

After this, the next stage was also to add the colour to my character, which was fairly straight forward. I decided to utilise the colour tools on Maya and simply added specific colours to my character using colours close to the ones that I chose for my design in my colour design blogpost.

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