Final Video of Lola

Here’s my final video of my 3D character, Lola:

Overall, I am pleased with how my character turned out. I feel that it looks good, especially considering that I am pretty much still a beginner at 3D modelling. I feel that the final product has turned out very similar to how I designed her originally (fig 1).

fig 1 – my original character design

I felt that my 2D design seemed to transform pretty well into 3D and I didn’t really have to change too many aspects of the original design. I did alter a few features, this included the hem of her dress – I originally designed it with a scalloped edge but ended up changing it to a very simple straight banded edge on my final design, this was because I found creating the scalloped edges quite hard. I also changed her tights into socks because when creating them I decided that the socks actually looked quite nice and that I preferred them.

In my original design, I only sketched out a very simple looking face as this was the appearance I was aiming for. When making the 3D model of her face, I stuck to this look but did end up giving the eyes slightly more detail and colour (including lilac coloured iris and some shadowing above her eyelid). This was because when I just made some 3D plain black eyes they almost looked a bit scary and didn’t seem to look right. I also altered her smile – in the 2D design, this is just a very basic smile which ended up not looking right when I did it in 3D, so, I decided to make some lips instead which looked much better. I also added a small heart detail on her witches hat, just because I thought it would look good. 

I have learnt lots more 3D design skills through creating my character. I did only use Maya when creating her, but I do feel like I have gained a lot more knowledge and confidence in using Maya and learnt lots of various methods in creating 3D models using Maya, a lot of this came from experimenting myself with the software but I also watched some Youtube tutorials to help me. 

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