Description of accessories and poses

Accessories are an important aspect of character design, helping to portray the history, characteristics and personality of different characters. Many popular characters utilise accessories as part of their image, often becoming iconic visual elements of the character such as Mario’s hat (fig 1), Kiki’s bow and broom (fig 2), and Edna’s glasses (fig 3). These accessories have become iconic to the image of their characters. The characters wouldn’t be as instantly recognisable if they were absent.

fig 1

fig 2

fig 3

I decided to include some sort of accessory on my character, Lola. I experimented with some ideas that I thought would fit in well with my character, such as a witches hat, a wand, a hair bow and a broom (fig 4). After looking at my designs, I have settled on a witches hat for Lola. Though I do like the other ideas, I decided to use the hat because it helps the audience to easily identify her as a witch. I also feel that the hat compliments her clothes as well.

fig 4

I also need to consider what type of pose I’d like Lola to have, especially since I will be animating her. A characters pose is as important as their accessories, helping to show a characters personality and emotion. This is related to how posture and body language can give off different impressions. Some examples could include a shy character looking down and clutching their hands together in an awkward way, or how a bold, heroic type character might be stood very proudly with their hands on their hips. A good example of the use of body language within a villainous character can be seen in Mr. Burns from The Simpsons. His hunched posture and the position he is holding his hands seen in fig 5, helps to portray how he is cunning and untrustworthy.

fig 5

My character, Lola, is quite a shy character. I tried to convey this in her posture in how her hands hang down by her side, in a childlike, slightly unconfident way. Another idea I have considered for Lola’s postures is how they could characteristic her as being quite a clumsy person. As a younger child, she would often have a grazed knee from tripping up. More recently, she has cast a spell that made her her pet cat vanish. I have considered illustrating this absentmindedness through a pose where Lola has a shocked expression on her face and her hand over her mouth, almost if she was saying ‘oops’. I do like both of these designs, but I will most likely choose the more simplistic, shy pose for my final design.

fig 6


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