My business structure

Promoting my business is going to be a fundamental factor in its success. It will be important when initially starting as I will need to get the name of my business out there to as many potential customers as possible. Even once the business has become more established, it will still be important to continue its promotion. This will ensure business to continue in the same manner, whilst also acquiring additional sales opportunities, resulting in more business growth. 

My main method to promote my business would be through the use of social media, as the internet is used by such a wide range of people, ‘The United Kingdom (UK) was home to 45 million active social media users in 2020 … 66 percent of the population’ (Statistica, 2020). This shows the size of the potential audience for the businesses who utilise social media.

In an article on how the importance of social media in business, The New York Times stated that when using social media to enhance your career, there are four main factors it allows you to do:

  • ‘Discover new ideas and trends
  • Connect with existing and new audiences in deeper ways
  • Bring attention and traffic to your work
  • Build, craft and enhance your brand’ (S. Sreenivasan (n.d.)    

These factors are all going to be important in building a successful business, whilst also being a relatively low cost method of promotion, which is certainly beneficial in regards to the costs of setting up my business.   

Initially, to help build up my online presence, I plan on outsourcing this part of the promotion process to a digital media marketing company. They will help to build up my social media channels and do some initial social media sponsored advertising on my behalf. When I have built up a decent-sized online presence, I will then send some products to relevant influencers on different social media platforms in exchange for a promotion. Once all this is set up, I will then be able to take control of the main social media sites.

To continue having a good online presence, I will need to use a variety of methods to promote my business, some of these include:

  • Through regular posting of interesting content – for example posting aesthetically pleasing images of my products, creating ‘un-boxing’ videos of my products
  • Holding competitions where the audience are encouraged to ‘like/share/follow’ – this would increase my following and reach out to a wider audience it would also be a good way to like my various social medias and cross-connect the platforms.
  • Interacting with potential customers on social media to help build a good reputation

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