Character description in narrative terms

Characters are the main aspects within stories and understanding their backstory is a crucial point when creating an interesting character concept. Knowing the background information about a character can help in adding depth to their actions, present their personality well, define the plot better and help the viewer to connect with them.

To help develop my character, I created a backstory and added some more details about her. To help me with this, I also imagined her at various stages of her life (see below) – not only aesthetically, but also as a way for me to visualise her history and future. 

My character’s name is Lola. She is ten years old and she lives in the strange world of Wickermoore with her parents and pet black cat, Jet. Her favourite colour is lavender purple, just like her hair. She likes animals and baking cakes (and eating them too). She’s scared of spiders and doesn’t like when it rains.

In the strange world of Wickermoore, everyone has a specific magical power that determines what your career choice will be. They all have to go to school to learn skills on how to use their abilities properly. Lola’s power is in witchcraft and she’s just joined the school. She will be a Witch-In-Training for a few years until she is able to graduate and become a Full-Time witch. Her best friend at her new school is Peggy, the Pirate-In-Training.

Lola can be quite clumsy, which her parents realised when Lola was around the age of 5 and would always seem to have a grazed knee. This was also around the same time as her magical powers were starting to manifest.

Lola is quite shy and doesn’t have much confidence. She doesn’t believe she’ll be able to make it as a witch, but everyone around her is very encouraging when she is too critical of herself. She’s already attempted some magic at home herself, but it never really goes according to plan. She tried to cast a spell on her cat, Jet. Somehow, it made him vanish and she needs to learn how to get him back before her mum and dad realise that he is missing. Despite her magic not always going very well, Lola will graduate with flying colours (and finally grow into her hat) and she will eventually become a freelance witch.

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