My developing character idea

I have decided to develop my character of Lola further. Here’s some initial sketches and ideas for her that I have created using Procreate. 

Lola is a young witch in training ready for her first day at witch school. She’s ready to learn all there is to becoming a witch, she especially would like to learn the spell of how to get her pet cat, Jet back from wherever he ended up disappearing to when Lola accidentally performed a spell wrong.

I feel like the main audience for my character would probably be children, I feel this this is mostly down to the simplistic and cute style of my character. I also have been imagining that Lola would be a character within either a video game or TV series that is aimed at children. This would be based upon a magical world in which the various characters attend school to learn more about their chosen magic career choice like those I have sketched in my initial ideas and sketches blogpost (Zookeeper, Witch, Pirate, Vampire). 

I decided to create a small collage to help show where I gained my inspiration from for my character design. Overall, I’m really inspired by cute and simplistic character design which I researched more in my post about visual style within the creative industries. I used some of this research to aid in my developing character design. 

Personally I much prefer a more stylised look compared to realistic which is why I decided to go for that style when designing my character, I feel that it also relates well to the fact that I am designing my character for children.

I particularly like the style of chibi/kawaii anime characters (such as those shown in fig 1, 2 and 3) and the cute animal characters such as Miffy (fig 7) and the many characters made by the Japanese companies like Sanrio and San-X who design characters such as Aggretsuko (fig 8) and Hello Kitty (fig 9). All of these characters are predominantly 2D, but i’ve also included some 3D style characters which inspired me when designing my character such as animal crossing characters (fig 4, 5 and 6) and Momiji dolls (fig 10, 11 and 12).

When designing my character, I picked inspiration from various aspects of all of these featured characters. The overall body shape of my character and the large shaped head was inspired by the anime and Animal Crossing characters – I like this kind of design because it is quite simplistic but has a cute, childlike appearance. I then took inspiration for the simple face style from the animal characters, I prefer this kind of face design because I feel that it is actually easier to convey emotion better on characters that have really basic facial features, just by making slight alterations to the features. Finally, I really liked the interesting outfits and headwear of the Momiji dolls – this inspired me when designing my characters clothing, particularly the patterned tights and hat.

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