Shark head

To extend my knowledge of Zbrush, I was set the task of creating a shark head. Unfortunately I am not too pleased with my final results, this was mainly down to encountering problems when using some of the tools which were suggested in the tutorial this made the end results not look as good as I would have wished. As some of the controls on my laptop wouldn’t work, I had to find alternative methods of doing the things required and I did this by experimenting with other tools and brushes on my own. Despite these problems, I do feel that this task helped me in some way as it still enabled me to get used to the various tools and what they do, and understand the Zbrush interface more too. I’ll explain some of the steps and problems I encountered below:

First I used the move brush on a basic sphere shape and created a bicycle seat shaped head for the shark. I then created the mouth using the ‘dam standard’ brush set to a low width. I also ensured to have the symmetry setting on for all of the process.

Here I encountered my first problem when trying to use the masking method to create the shape of the hammer part of the shark. I followed the tutorial carefully but, when pressing the ‘ctrl’ button on my laptop it just wouldn’t do what it should have and just seemed to zoom in and out on my shape. I later found out that this was a problem down to the fact I was using a Mac computer to remote access the lab PC’s and there had been some issues to do with some keys.

I decided to use some other tools and try my best to create a passable shark head. Here, I used the move tool to create the hammer head part. It didn’t look too bad, but didn’t have the flat edge that the masking method would have had.

Here, I am using the dam standard tool to create the eye sockets. This part went well, however as I couldn’t sort the mesh out properly again because of problems with the ‘ctrl’ key it appears really pixelated. I tried to sort this as much as possible by using the smooth brush, this helped slightly but I found if I used it too much it would make the shapes shrink.

Here I was able to follow the tutorial further and create some eyelids around the hole using the clay buildup brush, I then added a sphere to create the eyeballs.

Here I am re-sizing and moving the eyeball around.

This is my final result. I feel that I should have made the hammer part where the sharks eyes are wider, but I was finding this part quite tricky due to the controls not working properly and as I said before, I had to compromise and use other tools. As I am still very new to Zbrush it was great to gain some more knowledge and I do hope to expand on this. Also, as I created my shark head in two sittings, when I tried to make create a time-lapse video of the entire process like last time, it would only record from where I got up to on the first sitting, which is why I didn’t included the video.

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