Zbrush head modelling

As part of my 3D Character Design module I was asked to model a 3D face/head using the program Zbrush. I hadn’t had any prior experience of using Zbrush, so I was a complete beginner in this task. I gained some initial knowledge by watching a tutorial on the basics of Zbrush, I then followed another tutorial to help me with the basics of modelling the head and face and finally I experimented by myself with the various brush tools.

Here’s a few screenshots of my process of modelling the head:

I had the symmetry option selected during the process which I felt helped lots when modelling the face.  First, I added a basic sphere to my lightbox and then selected the brush tool on the standard setting where I then held down the alt key which enabled me to create some eye sockets.

Still using the standard brush tool, I then made a nose.

I then changed my brush to the ‘move’ setting which by altering the draw size I was able to change the face shape in various ways.

Next, I used both the ‘dam-standard’ and ‘clay-build’ brush where I was able to create the shape of the mouth.

Finally, I played around with some of the brush tools that I had used previously and added some eyeballs and I also altered the shape of the head even further.

Here’s a time-lapse video of my process of modelling the head:

Overall, Zbrush was easier to use than I was expecting it to be. I personally preferred it to using other 3D modelling programs like Maya as compared to them, it seemed easier to sculpt the more curved shapes desired when modelling a character. I did however encounter a few issues at first, due to me being a complete beginner at using Zbrush, all of the various settings seemed a bit overwhelming at first but with plenty of practice I should hopefully improve my skills ready for when I am modelling my own 3D character. I also experience quite a bit of lag when running Zbrush, but this was mainly regarding the fact that I was using remote access to a lab PC.

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