Creative Industries Research

After doing some online research into the creative industries, I feel like my business idea should fit in really well. The creative industries lecture that I joined particularly inspired me, including the video on ‘getting a job in the creative industries’ ( I learned how the creative industries are growing at such a big rate, and that there are so many different opportunities within the industry – it’s so varied and spans anything from graphic designers to musicians to crafters to film/tv and these different sectors within the creative industry are able to support and work together on interesting projects. 

Here’s a couple of existing Businesses that inspire me:


Becky Cas is a digital illustrator I found through Instagram. Her business is a great example of one that I’d like to emulate. She is one of the many digital artists who design and post their digital art through the platform and over time has gained a following. She has turned her hobby into a little business where through her Instagram page, she promotes her Etsy shop where she sells her designs as gifts – for example design prints, enamel pins and stickers. I feel that her business is a great example of how using a combination of social media and existing selling websites, you can create a small business.   


The Artisan is a coffee shop located on Newland Avenue in Hull, and is a business which I use often. They serve lots of tasty breakfast and lunch foods, homemade cakes and hot drinks. I particularly like how they stand out compared to other coffee shops and cafes in the area due to the fact that they also support local artists by decorating the walls of the shop with artwork and handmade gifts, all of which are for sale. I feel like this is a great way for the artists to exhibit their work and reach a wider audience. They also host craft events and workshops that people can attend, which is a great way of reaching out to the local community by providing fun activities, but is also a good way for the business to make extra money. 

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