Stakeholder Analysis

The main users of the iHull app would be both Students and Staff at the University of Hull. These general groups can be narrowed down into even more categories – for example students may be full/part-time, international, disabled, commuting students, students living in Hull who are from other towns and cities and students who have placements or a year in industry. As with the students, the staff range is also very wide. The staff at the University of Hull might be lecturers, admin staff, disability carers, cooking staff and cleaning staff.

In general, the general group of Student’s would require general things they need for their day-to-day student life and studies. This would most notably be a timetable and access to student resources (Canvas).

The staff members requirements would vary amongst the different types of staff – lecturers and other teaching staff would need a timetable too and an area where they can organise/view meetings and tutorials. Other members of staff may have other requirements like work rotas.

When re-designing the app I must also take into consideration other stakeholders who may come across more challenges when using the app. These may be users with accessibility problems for example : Sensory impairment (loss of vision/hearing), Physical impairment (loss of function to body) or cognitive problems (learning impairments/loss of memory). International users may also have more difficulties in using the app if English is their second language

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