Other University Apps

I decided to have a look at some other university apps by searching for some via the app store and having a look at what they offer and how they appear by looking at their screenshots that are shown:

University of Leeds – ‘UniLeeds’
University of Sheffield – ‘iSheffield’
University of Nottingham – ‘MyNottingham’

I researched into these apps and found that they are all made by the same developer as the iHull app – ‘Ex Libris CampusM’. This would explain why all of these apps I have shown all have a similar look – they all have the ’tile’ design for the different pages and the same menu at the bottom of the page where the user can press on the different options (home, settings etc).

Overall, the apps seem to offer similar options – most notably the student timetable which is understandable as it is definitely a key feature required on a university app.

Out of the three apps that I have looked at, the ‘UniLeeds’ app was the one that had the least amount of options on the home screen, personally I feel like this more simplified layout would probably be the right way to go in regards to redesigning the current iHull app as it isn’t too overwhelming.

Both the ‘iSheffield’ and ‘MyNottingham’ were much more similar to the ‘iHull’ app, they all seem to use lots of colours in their designs and they have lots of tiles and things to press onto – again, I feel that this is quite overwhelming for the user and offers things that are quite unnecessary and maybe wouldn’t even be used.

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