Spellzone Task


I’ve been asked to significantly simplify and redesign the UI/UX for the introductory and on boarding screens for the website spellzone.com.

I decided to do my redesign in an app form, as apposed to the current desktop website. This is mainly because I feel that apps are already simplified versions of websites, and it would help me to stay in a more simplistic design.

I tried to give the overall design a modern, basic aesthetic. I also stuck with the same colour scheme from the current website as I felt that this was already really effective.

Here’s a few examples of some of the pages on my app:

I tried to keep the overall app design fairly simple, this was to stay in keeping with the requirements from the brief and also because I felt that it gives it quite a modern appearance.

The first screen (1) that the user would be greeted with when opening up the app is a basic log-in screen. If the user already has an account, they can log in using either name/password combination or via Facebook, Google or Instagram. I feel that having more options on ways to log in gives the user more ease in that they don’t have to always remember loads of passwords which can be quite annoying. These users would then go onto their own profile screen (4) where they can access all of their individual ‘Spellzone’ courses and services.

If the user doesn’t already have an account and presses on the ‘Don’t have an account? Sign up now!’ button they are then shown a few on boarding screens (2) which explains more what ‘Spellzone’ is. After these, the user is shown some options of the various pricings or a free trial. The user can then go onto sign up for one of these if they wish on a sign up screen (3) which again like the log in screen offers the user a chance to log in through other social media accounts. The accreditations of companies that support ‘Spellzone’ are also shown on here as I felt this was important to show that the company is trustworthy.

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