Interesting UI/UX articles

Bad Habits of UI/UX Designers:

Overall, I felt that it was interesting that this article focused more on the negative side of UI/UX. This was helpful for future reference on what not to do when designing UI/UX. The bad habits of UI/UX designers from the article were: ‘Creating imaginary personas instead of asking real users’, ‘Brainstorming without regard for budget and technical constrains’, ‘Reducing clutter by rearranging layouts and elements’

Finally, the article ended on a quote: ‘A user interface is like a joke, if you have to explain it, it’s not that good’. I thought this was interesting

How we used UI/UX to confront the climate crisis:

This article explains how a company is creating a microsite aimed at getting people interested and encouraging conversation in the climate crisis. It quotes that ‘Harsh facts and horrific data hasn’t worked so far’ and that they approached this problem by ‘translating complicated data into beautiful, digestible forms.’ Their key points in their design approach were also listed, which were: Horizontal scrolling, Parallax, Geometric and organic shapes, Style and colour and Typography.

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