Here’s a few examples of textures I used on my Assets:

When adding the textures, I mostly used the programme ‘Substance Painter’. This seemed fairly easy to use, and I managed to find some great looking textures on there.

Both the Broomstick (4) and the Log Cabin (3) are great examples of using a wood-style texture on Substance Painter. I like how the wood textures are very grainy giving quite a realistic texture appearance. The surfaces of these are also Matt, so I had to take this into consideration when adding the lighting to my assets ready for rendering.

The Cauldron (1) is probably my favourite asset texture (I also used the exact same texture on my Ladle asset which helped to make the Cauldron and Ladle match). I used one of the metal textures on Substance Painter, and I feel like it gives my asset a really effective look. This is helped by the fact that it is a very reflective surface so this looks great when the lighting is added. On the Cauldron I also like how it is slightly grainy – I feel this helps to make the asset look old and like it has been used many times.

Finally, my Cat (2) assets shows how you can add a texture just by using blocks of colour in Maya. I originally wanted to use a hair/fur texture but couldn’t seem to find anything that would be suitable so I decided to just add various colours to it. I feel like this helps it look much more stylised.

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