Final Scene & Sketch

Here’s my initial sketch idea that I did of my final scene:

Here’s all of my assets arranged together to create the final scene:

I did use my original layout sketch as a guide, but didn’t stick to it religiously. I tried to place the assets around the scene so they weren’t all positioned too close together and so that they would stand out still.

Overall, I’m really pleased with how my final scene looks. I really like how the lighting that I have used creates shadows on the ground – especially from the tall trees. I feel like this helps to give my scene a spooky atmosphere.

I decided to use quite a lot of my Tree and Mushroom assets in my final scene to help create a woodland scene, instead of just having one each of these assets which would look slightly boring. When doing this, I made them all various sizes and shapes to try and make them all look different even though I was duplicating the same asset.

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