My Preliminary Ideas

When I first started to do this project, I initially wanted to do a Woodland theme. Here’s a few ideas which I sketched initially when starting the assignment:

After coming up with these ideas, I experimented on Maya and tried to make some of these ideas into assets, though I soon realised that I would struggle quite a bit to make the woodland animals into assets, due to the complicated shapes of animals and that I am a complete beginner with Maya, I thought that this would be too complicated and time consuming. Therefore, I decided against doing these animals as assets (Although I did end up creating a black cat as one of my final assets).

However, I did manage to make a tree, mushroom and log cabin on Maya, which were inspired by these preliminary ideas and I have ended up using these as some of my final assets, though the designs of them have changed slightly compared to these initial sketches.

I then decided that a general ‘Woodland’ theme wouldn’t have that many potential assets that I’d be able to create so I decided to incorporate the idea of turning it into a ‘Halloween Woodland’ theme instead.

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