Creative Anxiety v. Creative Satisfaction

I feel like I haven’t really used conceptual thinking in my design work before so this has been quite a challenging process, but I feel like this has actually ended up being a positive factor because I’ve been able to think more about my designs and have spent more time producing the initial ideas. I feel like this has helped to make my designs appear more interesting and hopefully with more depth.

Another part of the design process that I found interesting was getting my colleagues feedback of my initial designs. Gaining other peoples opinions has helped me think of new ideas I may not have come up with individually, it is also a great way of eliminating any ideas that aren’t as good as you thought. This all has definitely helped in producing my final poster design. 

The project has also helped me to gain new skills, before this I hadn’t used Adobe Illustrator before but now I feel like I’ve learnt some of the basics on there and have ended up using it to produce my final poster design. 

Overall I have enjoyed this design process and will definitely be incorporating things that I have learned into future projects, especially the use of conceptual thinking.

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